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Feel Alive SCULPT

Save time by filling out your health questionnaire online. It is your responsibility to tell the instructor about any health conditions on arrival.

Here at Just Feel Alive, we believe that fitness should be fun and accessible whatever your current level of fitness.

We also understand that choosing a fitness class can be daunting, picking the right class to get the results you want. Whilst at the same time wondering whether you’ll get through the class or will it be challenging enough.

Generally, there are two main areas to consider Aerobic type exercise which conditions the cardiovascular system and reduces body fat like our class MOVE, and then body conditioning exercises which target and tone specific body parts, with this in mind we have created our latest class SCULPT. Together these classes can help you achieve great results in both fitness and body shape.

Individually SCULPT can help you to achieve the best shape nature intended for you to be. SCULPT is a body conditioning class which uses toning bands to provide resistance without the need for weights. You will re-shape your body as specific exercises target specific body areas, defining arms, legs, stomach, hips, thighs and back.

SCULPT the body you want whilst working out to great music, create the picture of your perfect body in your mind and we’ll help you SCULPT it. There are lower and higher intensity options in exercises and five different levels of toning bands to choose from. This means you can start at a level you find comfortable and challenge yourself as you progress. Even if your already fit and active this class can still challenge you.

There’s never been a better way to get your body in its best shape, get started and SCULPT your body with us.

Thursday - Ashford 6:30pm at Ashford Oaks Primary School (free parking) 14+

Frequently Asked Questions:

I am really overweight. Will I be able to do SCULPT?

Absolutely! There are modifications to suit every fitness level and every ability.

I have back problems, will this make them worse?

We always suggest you check with your doctor before doing any exercise program. The movements in SCULPT will help strengthen the lower back muscles with the concentration on the core which is the most neglected part of the body in many workouts and will begin to reduce back pain. Always speak to your instructor about an alternative option if you are worried about the movement.

I am pregnant. Can I do SCULPT?

We always suggest you check with your doctor before doing any exercise program. Depending on how far into your pregnancy you are is how suitable it will be. We have many modifications for all levels. There may be a track that requires you to lie on your back and if this is unsuitable we will give variations that you can do standing. Please notify the instructor on arrival if you require this particular modification.

What music do you use in a class?

The tracks range from all genres. We try to satisfy everyone’s musical tastes and there may be tracks you may not normally listen to outside of the class. We have found that some tracks our clients never would have liked before are now starting to listen to other tracks in those genres. It is expanding their musical tastes as well as their fitness abilities.